Fuel Conversions

Fuel Conversions on the North Shore, Massachusetts

RANCO has always serviced our customers’ gas or propane systems with the same level of expertise as oil systems. In fact, we are specialists in converting systems from one fuel source to another. We can convert your system from oil to gas or propane, or from gas to oil, or even install a dual-fuel system.


Propane fuel conversions by Ranco Enterprises on North Shore, MA

Affordable Fuel Conversions in the Greater Boston Area

Using the right fuel for the market can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Is a fuel conversion for your heating system right for you? RANCO can help determine whether or not your heating system would benefit from an oil-to-gas or -propane conversion, a gas-to-oil conversion, or we can install a dual-fuel system, which enables you to switch from either fuel source at your discretion. Choosing to install a dual-fuel system will allow you to switch from one fuel source to another at will, taking advantage of the best prices even when the market fluctuates. Whether you decide to opt for a fuel conversion or dual-fuel installation, RANCO is here to help make saving your time and money a possibility!

  • Oil to Gas Conversion
    • Free recommendations and in-home evaluation
    • New systems can save $500/year or more on fuel
    • Up to $1000 in high-efficiency burner rebates available
    • Removal or conversion of your old system and all cleanup included
    • New furnaces can provide up to 98% heat conversion efficiency!
    • No hidden costs or add-ons – we meet or beat your gas company estimates
  • Conversion to Dual-Fuel Systems
    • Free in-home evaluation and recommendations
    • Change fuel at the flick of a switch
    • Same installation labor cost as a single-fuel unit
    • Lifetime warranties on many systems’ core components!

Interested in RANCO’s fuel conversion services?

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